Wood, Steel, and Nylon Guitars – What Are the Differences

Does a Solid Top Matter? Once you’ve determined what size and type of guitar you’d like, there are several construction and design elements you should examine regardless of whether you’re shopping for steel or nylon. Nothing has as much impact on the sound of a guitar as its top (also called the soundboard). Most experienced… Read More »

Reviews of Guitar Lessons on DVDs

One of the most common questions that we hear is, “what makes a good review?” After all, a bad review can make a great product sound horrible. A good review can make a horrible product sound like a sliver of gold. So what should you look for when reading a review of a guitar lesson… Read More »

Reading Guitar Tabs

A guitar tab is a way to write guitar music that is very popular on the internet. In this lesson, we will only look at the basics of reading and writing a guitar tab. This is what a guitar tab looks like: E———0-1-2-3—————————-| B-0-1-2-3————————————| G——————————————–| D——————————————–| A——————————————–| E——————————————–| The topmost line represents the first string,… Read More »

The Marvelous Acoustic Guitar (Part 2)

In a previous article, we discussed the overview of the general acoustic guitar anatomy. We learned that it was divided generally into 3 sections, the head, neck and body regions. In this next article, we will take a closer look at the first region we discussed, the head region or headstock. The headstock is an… Read More »

The Marvelous Acoustic Guitar (Part 1)

The acoustic guitar is really a marvel of design and changing technology. Though the acoustic guitar may look like a simple instrument, constructed of wood, plastic, steel, and some other materials, this marvelous instrument has advanced through the hands and ideas of many pioneers, artists, aristocrats, and others in acoustic guitar design. From the early… Read More »