Reviews of Guitar Lessons on DVDs

By | October 6, 2017

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One of the most common questions that we hear is, “what makes a good review?” After all, a bad review can make a great product sound horrible. A good review can make a horrible product sound like a sliver of gold.

So what should you look for when reading a review of a guitar lesson DVD set that you are interested in purchasing?

In this article, we’ll tell you a few things.

First off, you want to know that the reviewer actually knows the product. They are your conduit to the product itself, and if they are dysfunctional, you aren’t getting a clear picture of the product.

In fact, you may be missing out on a great set of guitar DVD lessons just because the reviewer didn’t actually review the product in the first place (i.e., they simply used Google and copied another review without ever even considering the product in the first place).

The more information given about the product and its contents (included materials, quality of said materials) the better. While it is possible to find some information on Google, you want areal review, not one created by the company or on the company site itself. Any product can have “user testimonies” posted all over the website.

After all, we all have friends, right? Some people buy product reviews and pay people to give great testimonies knowing that most potential customers won’t give a second thought to the quality or believability of a review so long as it says good or bad and gives one through five stars.

But that isn’t you.

Things You Should Know About Product Reviews

If a review hones in on one aspect of a product, chances are that aspect was either great or poor. If the reviewer keeps referring back to that single aspect, it speaks in volumes about how the rest of the product couldn’t quite live up to that one small part (which is really a shame, as a product should be even quality wise).

If a product review is from a site specifically targeted to that one product, or has the product name in the URL, then it is a scam review made by the company that sells the product.

If the review doesn’t give you any specific information on the product at all, and you walk away without a single clue as to what the guitar lesson DVD set actually offers or lacks, then your best choice is to find either a new review or a new product. All popular guitar instructional DVD sets have reviews, not all of which are even.

Lesser known products tend to be the DVD sets that don’t have many, if any at all, reviews. In these cases it may be in your best interest to simply look for a new product instead of risking wasting your money on a guitar lesson DVD set that can potentially be awful.

Now that you know what to look for in reviews of guitar lessons on DVD’s, you are better armed to face the tons of potential scams and/or bribed reviews. Take your time, and always think over your choice. Good luck!