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AC/DC tabsRating
acdc cant stop rock and roll
acdc you shook me all night long solo
aint noise pollution
back in black
big balls
can i sit next to you
dirty deeds done dirt cheap
dog eat dog
for those about to rock
girls got rhythm
given the dog a bone
gone shootin
have a drink
hells bells
high voltage
Highway to hell
highway to hell
its a long way
its a long way to the top
let there be rock
lets get it up
live wire
mistress for christmas
ride on
rock and roll aint noise pollution
rock and roll damnation
rock n roll damnation
satellite blues
shake your foundations
shes got balls
shoot to thrill
shot down in flames
stiff upper lip
the jack
twos up
who made who
whole lotta rosie
you shook me all night long
you shook me all night long
you shook me all night long ver3
Hells Bells
sin city
boogie man
cover you in oil
hard as a rock
Hell's Bells
Hells Bells
flick of the switch
little lover
big gun
money talks

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