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ill back you up

Dave Matthews Band  song: I'll back you up.
tabbed by Alan Newmeyer
this version is off the dmb cd "Big Man on Campus"  and is a good way to
play it by yourself
this is my first time writing tab but i think I've got the idea!    I
don't have the cd w/me but I'll do my best. l swear the chords are right
 let ring=>>>> in place of ------                                        
   A5                                 Abmin??           F#oct            
don't need the e string                                                  
a----h2>2>h5       Repeat
note: on the F#oct chord let the low F# ring & hammer on the high one as
you pick it. immediately mute the D string w/your 4th finger after
picking the high F#
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