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song that jane likes

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Song That Jane Likes
by Dave Matthews
tabbed by TDog (
Chord Voicings:
  D  C  G  F  Am D2 E
 D       C        F            G
And in plays to write the wire in
              Am	      D
I'll come back again...  (repeat)
 G         C       Am	  F    D2
Would you like to play...		(repeat)
    G          C          Am    F
...While you around here play
     E					Am   F     D2
The days keep scribbling themselves in tidy lines
 D      C        F             G
And in plays to write the wire in
      Am		D
I'll come back again
 D	  C      F           G
Torching time talking rhymes in
      Am		D
I'll come back again
    C   F             G
With this resigned the letter I sign
(rhythm not indicated)
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