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Guns n' Roses tabsRating
back off bitch
civial war
civil war
dont cry
double talkin jive
double talking jive
down on the farm
dust n bones
godfather theme
hair of the dog
i dont care about you
i used to love her
knockin on heavens door
lies albumics
live and let die
mama kin
mr brownstone
my michelle
new rose
nice boys
november rain
november rain ver2
one in a million
out ta get me
out to get me
paradise city
patience long
perfect crime
right next door to hell
since i dont have you
so fine
song collection
sweet child o mine
sympathy for the devil
talkin double jive
used to love her
word up
you aint the first
you cant put your arms
you could be mine
your crazy
go fuck yourself in the head

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