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mary chapin carpenter tabsRating
a keeper for every flame
a lot like me
a road is just a road
capo chart
capo charthtml
come on come on
down at the twist and shout
downtown train
family hands
girls with guitars
going out tonight
goodbye again
halley came to jackson
he thinks hell keep her
house of cards
i am a town
i feel lucky
i take my chances
i want to be your girlfriend
it dont bring you
john doe no 24
just because
keeping the faith
let me into your heart
middle ground
never had it so good
not too much to ask
other streets and other towns
outside looking in
passionate kisses
quittin time
rhythm of the blues
shut up and kiss me
slow country dance
something of a dreamer
stones in the road
tender when i want to be
the bug
the end of my pirate days
the hard way
the last word
the moon and st christopher
the more things change
this is love
this shirt
too tired
walking through fire
what you didnt say
when shes gone
where time stands still
why walk when you can fly
you win again

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