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Red Hot Chilli Peppers tabsRating
apache rose peacock
around the world
around the world ver3
blood sugar sex magik
blood suger sex magik bassline
breaking the girl
californiacation solo ver2
californication correct bass
californication full
californication solo ver3
californication solo ver4
californication solo vma
californication ver13
californication ver16
californication ver2
californication ver6
catholic school girls rule
coffee shop
emit remmus
f u
fat dance
funky monks
get on top
give it away
gong li
higher ground
i could have lied
i like dirt
if you have to ask
jungle man
knock me down
love rolelrcoaster
me and my friends
mellowship slinky in b major
my friends
my friends ver2
my friends ver3
naked in the rain
nobody weird like me
on top
one big mob
organic anti beat box band
organic beat
other side
otherside ver2
otherside ver3
out in la
parallel universe
parallel universe ver3
parellel universe
parellel universe2
pretty lil ditty
purple stain
rchp californication correct ver
red hot chili peppers road trippin
red hot chili peppers under the bridge ver4
red hot chilli peppes othersider
redhotchilipeppers under the bridge
rhcp californication
rhcp californication correct full song
rhcp californication solo correct
rhcp californication solo from vma
rhcp californication ver17
rhcp californication ver2
rhcp californication ver5
rhcp easily
rhcp otherside
rhcp otherside ver5
rhcp road trippin
rhcp scar tissue ver2
road tripin
road trippin
road trippin ver2
road tripping
scar tissue
scar tissue intro
scar tissue solo
scar tissue solo ver2
scar tissue solo2
scar tissue solos
scar tissue ver3
scar tissue2
scar tissue3
search and destroy
soul to squeeze
stone cold bush
suck my kiss
teatro jam
the power of equality
the velvet glove
this velvet glove
under the bridge
under the bridge intro
under the bridge intro ver2
under the bridge ver3

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